Aerospace, Marine & Automotive Air Filtration Systems

Aerospace, Automotive and Marine Manufacturing Air Filtration

As an air filter supplier for industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive and more, Commercial Filter Sales and Service is dedicated to providing better filtration products that not only meet, but exceed the EPA’s strict standards. Our technical experience and knowledgeable team can help you meet compliance standards while ensuring the safety of personnel.

Industrial Ceiling Air Filtration for Paint Booths
Regardless of your application and materials, Commercial Filter Sales and Service can supply air filtration products for paint booths and other industrial applications, including one stage open-face booths and multi-stage recirculating systems.

Commercial Filter Sales and Service air filters can address paint formulations for any type of material including:
● Wood
● Plastic
● Metal
● Composites

We have provided high-quality paint booth air filtration solutions for the following industries:
● Aerospace
● Marine
● Automotive
● Other Industrial Manufacturing Applications

Talk to one of our advisers  about your industrial and manufacturing air filtration needs. Our solutions can help you maintain EPA compliance, protect the safety of personnel, as well as provide retrofit options to improve your bottom line for upgrades or reconstruction.

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Commercial Filter Sales offers full service capability on select products