Air Filters for Pharmaceutical Processes

Air Filters for Pharmaceutical Processes

Life sciences requires stringent air filtration including HEPA and ULPA, to protect the integrity of the research and manufacturing processes of the pharmaceutical industry.

These processes take place in cleanroom environments that are integral to the quality of the goods produced.

Commercial Filter Sales & Service is equipped to provide all the filtration requirements pharmaceutical companies have, including high-temperature and antimicrobial applications, and manufacture to custom specs. Our custom filters for for pharmaceutical industries are individually tested at rated flow before shipping, and each filter includes the authorized results of the test.

HEPA, ULPA and Other Filtration Products for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Pre Filters
  • High Efficiency Secondary Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • ULPA Filters
  • High-Temperature Filters
  • Antimicrobial Filters
  • Disposable Ducted Ceiling Filters

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Commercial Filter Sales offers full service capability on select products