Air Filters for Residential Indoor Air Quality

Air Filters for Residential Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Residential Air Filters
Many factors can affect the quality of our indoor air, and can pose a real risk to human health. Whether it’s the spread of airborne virus or mold, or outdoor air pollution caused by wildfire smoke, proper filtration can make a world of difference.

Commercial Filter Sales and Service offers both standard configurations, as well as customized home air filtration products, ranging from Merv 8 to Merv 13 ratings.

These products can minimize the effects of:

● Spread of airborne virus
● Musty odors and mold and mildew
● Dust and allergens
● Outdoor pollutants including wildfire smoke

What is the Merv Rating Chart?
Merv refers to the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and is a way of standardizing the efficacy of air filtration products. Generally, the higher the Merv rating, the greater the filtration effect. In residential applications, typically Merv 8 to Merv 13 ratings are sufficient.

Air Filtration to Mitigate Wildfire Smoke Health Effects
Wildfire smoke can be hazardous for human health. Climate change and other factors can create opportunities for forest fires to rage out of control, and many of us do not yet fully realize how this can affect our health.

To protect yourself, it’s recommended to stay inside when smoke is concentrated in your area. Seniors, young children, those with breathing impairment or other health conditions may be particularly vulnerable to smoke inhalation, even indoors. That’s why it’s recommended to install air filters with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) rating for additional protection.

For information on our residential air filtration products to improve indoor air quality, talk to one of our advisers, who can help you select the right product with the ideal Merv rating to keep your air healthy.

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