Commercial HVAC Filters for Airport Terminals

Commercial HVAC Filters for Airport Terminals

Airport terminals contain some of the most unhealthy air you can breathe indoors. In fact, airports contain pollutant levels similar to industrial areas and freeways, as well as unburned hydrocarbons from jet fuel exhaust. Commercial HVAC filters are necessary to improve air quality for not only travelers, but also for airport personnel, who are required to breathe this air on a daily basis.

Our commercial HVAC filters and gas phase filters are designed to protect building occupants from breathing in unhealthy and potentially dangerous VOC’s.

Commercial HVAC Filters

Commercial Filter Sales & Service provides commercial HVAC filters that remove harmful particulates from the air while our activated carbon filters remove jet fuel exhaust fumes and diesel odors. These odors are drawn in from the heavily polluted air outdoors. With the help of these filters, airports can meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Commercial Filter Sales & Service distributes a variety of commercial HVAC filters that are effective for indoor airport terminal air quality. Contact us to learn more.

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Commercial Filter Sales offers full service capability on select products