Commercial Indoor Air Filtration System Solutions

Commercial Indoor Air Filtration System Solutions

Effective indoor air filtration systems have an important role to play in human health, because the vast majority of us live and work inside.
A recent study by the EPA determined that the average person spends 93% of their time indoors or in a vehicle, with only the remaining 7% of time spent outdoors. To compound this, indoor pollutant levels are typically 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollutant levels.

Commercial Filter Sales and Service is one of the largest stocking distributors in North America, and offers a wide selection of products from commercial HVAC filter Manufacturers.

Our Indoor Air Filtration Products Include:

  • Low efficiency disposable filtration
  • High efficiency filters
  • Gas Phase / Corrosion control
  • LEED compliant filtration products

Clean, safe air is almost imperceptible. You aren’t likely to notice easier breathing, or the absence of odors or dust. But it’s extremely important to business, because better air improves worker health and productivity.

To learn more about our air filtration products for all commercial sectors, including transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, please contact us.

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Commercial Filter Sales offers full service capability on select products