Gas Turbine Filters

Gas Turbine Filters

Gas turbine filters contribute to the efficiency and longevity of this powerful equipment for the power generation industry. As they operate, gas turbines consume vast amounts of ambient air during their operation. The quality and cleanliness of this air can affect the lifespan of gas turbine equipment such as blades and other working parts.

It’s important to filter out particles present in the air, (or water, in marine applications) that can contribute to wear and tear. Without proper filtration, compressor blades may become fouled or eroded thus reducing efficiency.

Gas Turbine Filtration Equipment from Commercial Filter Sales and Service

We offer a wide variety of gas turbine filtration equipment such as:

  • Static Pre-Filters
  • Static Final-Filters
  • Moisture-removal solutions
  • Pulse Filters

We are the Pacific Northwest’s leader in static system, pulse system and offshore/marine applications. Contact us to learn more.

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Commercial Filter Sales offers full service capability on select products