Medical-Grade Air Purification for Healthcare

Medical-Grade Air Purification for Healthcare

Medical-grade air purification can have a large impact on the life-or-death situations found in hospitals and other health care settings. Air that is clean and contaminant-free contributes to providing a setting that is conducive to healing, as well as protecting healthcare workers and friends and family visiting loved ones.

Hospitals should provide a safe-haven to those who are ill. Patients are often immune-compromised, and properly configured air filtration plays an important role in reducing the incidence of infectious bacteria, allergens and fungus spores.

Energy efficient air filtration for medical environments can extend the life of and reduce the maintenance and energy costs associated with hospital equipment by reducing dust and particles.

Our Medical-grade Air Purification and Filtration Products

  • HEPA Filters
  • UV-C emitters
  • Coil Cleaning
  • High Efficiency Final Filters
  • Gas Phase Filters (Fertility Clinics)

Our medical-grade air filtration solutions are trusted by facilities managers to solve air quality concerns in hospitals, medical clinics, assisted-living centres and other medical environments.

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